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What is Rotavirus Vaccine? (甚麼是輪狀病毒疫苗?)

Dr. Yeung Ho Hong (楊浩康醫生) 2022-1-15

What is Rotavirus Vaccine? (甚麼是輪狀病毒疫苗?)


Rotavirus typically affects babies and young children, causing them to develop vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever. Rotavirus is highly infectious. Most children infected with rotavirus recover within a week. However, some children needs to be treated in hospital because of the complications, such as dehydration.

Rotavius vaccine is an oral vaccine that can be given to babies to help them fight against rotavius infection. The rotavirus vaccine is given as 2 doses or 3 doses, depending on which type of rotavius vaccine chosen. The rotavirus vaccine is available as a liquid and can be given straight into the baby's mouth for them to swallow.

The rotavirus vaccine is composed of a weakened version of rotavirus. This stimulate the babies to immunity. The rotavirus vaccine is safe, very effective and gives good protection.

The rotavirus vaccine is safe, and most babies do not have any side effects after having rotavirus vaccine. However, some babies may become restless, irritable, or may develop mild diarrhoea after rotavirus vaccination. Very rarely, the vaccine may cause severe allergic reaction or intussusception which must be managed in the hospital.